How To

How does the ugly bu! Content Creators Website Work?

The ugly bu! membership platform allows Content Creators, Agencies & Agents to share content of efforts in exchange for Tips & Memberships to premium content as a means to changing their lives or becoming brand & business owners.


How to Join

- Click Sign Up button and complete the registration form.
- The new account & page is created.
- Share the page with those most likely to support your efforts.



Post Locked or Unlocked content for your fans:
- Direct Payments.
- Unlocked: Free Subscribers
-- Locked: Paid Monthly Subscribers
-- Receive Tips on single posts.
-- Serves as 2nd possible income stream.
- Direct Messaging
- Gallery
- Goal Planning
- Notifications
- Create Posts showcasing works.
- Paywall to offer Premium content.
- Progressive Web App