Are you a Content Creator seeking alternative options thru which to generate support & funding to help grow your brand or business? If so, the ugly bu! creator community is here to help!

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As an ugly bu! content creator you share efforts online to help improve the lives of your viewers (Supporters) who rewards those efforts by paying for a monthly Subscription to premium content.

Note: You also have the opportunity to generate Tips from loyal viewers (Supporters).

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Here's an opportunity to help fund & grow new Content Creator Agencies & Agents that are committed to improving the overall health & well-being of their followers.

Use the ugly bu! platform to browse & search for Creators you think are worthy of following and show support in a way that works for You!

Note: Profile names can be located by browsing the site or by following a link sent from the Creator.


Our fees explained

We'll take 5% to cover expenses like transaction fees and our platform running fees.

Nothing else is hidden or unclear. We will take care of the hassle.

Creators Earnings Simulator

Audience Size 1000
Membership Fee $ $900

$850 Per Month

Estimate includes the 5% platform fee.

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