What is ugly bu?

Ugly bu! is a unique marketing solution & lead generation marketing strategy aimed at combating funding inequity towards Content Creators, agencies & agents operating in under served & under funded communities.



The purpose of the ugly bu! platform is to serve as an alternative mechanism thru which Content Creators, agencies & agents share access to Free & Premium content in exchange for Tips & Memberships as a means to both building an audience and securing funding needed to grow their new brand or business.



The ugly bu! platform is a component of the B.U. (Beauty Ugly) Network created exclusively under the E.M.C. Project, hosted & maintained by the iMarket Network.



The ugly bu! platform is NOT a charitable operation nor is it ran through a non-profit business model. The platform is designed, administered, & owned by Marvin Cummings, single member owner of The iMarket Network, LLC.

Any revenue generated will be obtained from a percentage obtained from transactions. These funds will then be used to maintain the platform. 



Development of an online resource designed to serve as a solution to combating funding inequity for entrepreneurs operating in the Content Creator niche in underserved & under funded communities.



Become the leading resource aiding in the development of solutions generating new brands & businesses ultimately creating wealth & prosperity for entrepreneurs operating in the Content Creator niche in underserved & under funded communities.


The B.U. (Beauty Ugly) Network

The B.U. (Beauty Ugly) Network is an Entrepreneurial Operating System (E.O.S.), a custom-built digital sustainability solution, designed to aid in the development, marketing, and amplification of new brands & businesses operating specifically in the Content Creator niche. 

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